Tuesday, 09 April 2019 16:58

Jack Savoretti: “I don’t take for granted the success we are having”

Interview at Rania Papadopoulou

With his sixth album entitled “Singing to strangers” having reached the top of music charts in England, Jack Savoretti is presenting to the audience a hopelessly romantic view of his music. “Singing to strangers” includes 12 new songs. It was recorded the previous summer in Rome. The song “Candlelight” is one of the highlights of this album, that has become a radio hit in Greece. What does Jack Savoretti think about success and what are his future plans? Having his new album in the center of this interview, Jack Savoretti speaks to Culture Press about his music and the magic of singing to strangers.

-Why did you entitle the album “Singing to strangers”?

J.S.: I was at home one day and my daughter and her friend were in the room next door. Her friend asked her just what it was I did for a living and she said something along the lines of “I don’t really know, he sings to strangers.”

-How could you describe your new album?

J.S.: Hopelessly romantic and I wanted to make you punch the air every time you hear it. I wanted to make an album that made people feel something.

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- “Candlelight” has become a radio hit in Greece. In your opinion what features make this song so popular to the audience?

J.S.: I think it’s the touch of the meditteranean… There is a lot of it in there.

-What is the story of creation of this song?

J.S.: I wrote this song with Joel Pott and it is the song where I found the sound I have been looking for all my life. I will never be able to thank Joel Pott enough for finding that drum beat.

-What do you inspire you to write a song? Is there a special moment that offers you a special feeling?

J.S.: I honestly don’t know. I never wake up in the morning with a plan to write a song about a certain topic. Spontaneity is crucial to the process of my songwriting.

-How difficult is for a musician to reach his audience and create a fan base?

J.S.: Very difficult which is why I don’t take for granted the success we are having.

-What are your future plans?

J.S.: We are about to start touring the album for the first time across the UK and Western Europe. We will do some festivals over the summer and then more touring in the Autumn. Hopefully we will make it to Greece sometime soon.